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World malaria day

Here in Africa—Nigeria precisely—the fight against malaria has slowly evolved over the years with the advent of several preventive and therapeutic measures—consisting of insecticide-treated nets, environmental sanitation and drug therapies—which has slowly morphed into the probable vaccines which could pose the solution to the age long problem of Malaria.

In the interim, over 90,000 malaria or malaria related deaths are recorded in Nigeria every year, according to the National Malaria Elimination Programme, (NMEP) and about 627,000 malaria related deaths recorded in 85 countries in 2020 with more than two thirds of the deaths among children under 5 years living in the WHO African Region, malaria remains very much a threat.

It is sad to note that our fight against Malaria has somehow taken a backseat to accommodate many of the world's current problems. Yet, it is an enemy we can not choose to ignore or simply push aside because as of today, there is no single solution to ensure the complete eradication of this disease.

The theme—"Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives"—of this year's World Malaria day remains relevant as the world is rapidly gravitating into the digital age where possibilities are limitless. We must go above and beyond to win the battle against an age long enemy.

We are calling on the government, researchers, health care professionals, tech gurus, business people and people from all spheres of life to join in the fight by increasing awareness, funding research, promoting treatment compliance, improving diagnostic methods and making preventive tools available to all.

We can save lives together.

Join in the conversation today on clubhouse (Young Healthcare Pros) by 8pm GMT+1.

Writer's Credit: Racheal Torty (PHARMACIST per excellente)

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