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Brain Awareness: ARE YOU GUILTY OF ANY?

Are You Guilty of Any?

The human brain is a very important organ of our body and we often fail to think that it also requires exercise. A variety of bad habits cause brain damage even to us as health professionals;

  • Skipping Breakfast: Let me guess, you are wondering how you'd wake up and the first to think is food when there are patients in the ICU. I trust you already know that your brain needs appropriate nutrients to function its best but a fast-paced lifestyle makes us avoid or end up skipping our breakfast to save some time in the early hours of the day. This leads to low sugar and poor nutrient supply to the brain. Poor nutrition can have long term harmful effects on the brain like degeneration to the brain cell and lots more.
  • Over Eating: It's said that, "too much of anything is bad". The same applies to our brain too. Over-eating leads to deposition of cholesterol plaques and thickening of blood vessels of the brain causing reduced blood supply to brain cells. It is found that overeating leads to Alzheimer's disease and obesity which in turn damages our self-image and self-confidence and can lead to depression and other psychological problems.
  • Eating Sugary Food: "I can't get to the cafe to eat." "Just buy me coke and cake or maybe gala." Knowingly or sometimes unknowingly, we all consume sugar in most of our food and beverages. High consumption of refined sugars is known to destroy the ability of the brain and body to absorb proteins and nutrients. So, the next time you add a large coke to your happy meal, think again because it's loaded with nearly 20 spoonfuls of sugar!
  • Lack of Sleep: Some of us as health professionals work in more than one hospital, leading to us taking shifts during our sleep time and this runs for month and even years. Without enough sleep, certain brain cells die and it then becomes harder for you to remember things. So make sure you get your daily dose of 7 hours of beauty as well.
  • Working When Sick: We often spot some nurses wear cannula, giving their patients drips and doctors recommending bed rest for their patients while going through the same illness while at work. If during sickness too we continue working, then the brain's efficacy is bound to take a dramatic hit. This will only add to the stress. Working on a sick day will only to add to the burden. So take a break, relax, recuperate.
  • Lack of Socializing: You won't believe this but it does! Socializing, talking, encourages growth and development of the brain. Intellectual conversations strengthen the brain and improve its capacity to work. You can increase your creativity by meeting new people and making new friends. Socializing or interacting is also a great way to express yourself freely.

So there you have it! Which one are you guilty of? What new plans would you put in place henceforth? Let us know in the comment section.

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